For You

I can see you There, standing in the shadows of your life With a spirit the color of the sea, eyes that reflect the storms of your heart I can see you, all of you A stifled yet brilliant light Giving yourself to dreams, living with hope as your guide Pure, not sheltered Hurt, not […]

Nomad of Heart

Finding the balance between brilliance and humility Understanding my confines, harness of the blustering spirit Learning to accept heart and hand, mind and mind Forging through the unknown, weightless Turning in the winds, pulsating in the light, dying in the living Awaken. Palms leak forgiveness, open to whole Turn towards nothing, endless discovery of truth […]


Whirls, bellows, shifts Races time up, down Gusting truth through the cracks in the earth Ash of lifetimes fleck the sky Moans, blusters, whips Energy pulsates soft, strong Gently swathed in the strong nature, yielding Romancing the soul Carried upon its highest bow, casting golden shadows Taken, lost Then dreams to tales and tales to […]

Know That You Know Nothing

What’s worse? Realizing how much time you’ve wasted? Or realizing what you sacrificed to waste time? We lie to ourselves a tremendous amount in life. We pressure ourselves and carve our lives out around these strange, fictional guidelines that, in the end, will stand for absolutely nothing. We run towards what we’ve been trained to […]